About ZODU ABA Services

A Sanctuary for Learning and Growth

Welcome to ZODU ABA Services, a place where every child’s potential is nurtured and every parent’s concern is heard. Our environment is designed to be a peaceful haven where the stress and challenges of raising a child with autism or ADHD can be met with understanding and expertise.

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Personalized ABA Therapy

At ZODU ABA Services, we believe that therapy is a collaborative journey. Each session is tailored to meet the unique needs of your child, focusing on personalized approaches that promote learning, growth, and development. Our methods are rooted in evidence-based practices like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which has been proven to help children with autism and ADHD thrive.

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Our Team

Our welcoming environment is staffed by dedicated professionals who bring both personal understanding and expert knowledge to each session. We celebrate every step forward with you, fostering a safe space where your child can learn, grow, and achieve their fullest potential.

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Comprehensive and Compassionate Care

ZODU ABA Services is a proud part of ZODU Group Corp, a multifaceted organization committed to transforming lives through holistic care that addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of individuals. As an integral component of ZODU Group Corp, we ensure that our clients receive not only top-notch behavioral therapy but also benefit from a network of services designed to nurture every aspect of their well-being.

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Our Approach

Our integrated therapeutic methods are designed to help your child build essential life skills, develop lasting relationships, and navigate the challenges of daily life effectively. We provide support both at home and in school, and soon in our new clinic, ensuring that your child receives consistent and comprehensive care wherever they are.

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Your Child’s Path to Success

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about the transformative experiences we offer at ZODU ABA Services. Whether you are seeking strategies to support your child’s learning or ways to improve their daily functioning, our customized approach is designed to meet your family’s specific needs and help your child achieve lasting change.

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Contact Us

Contact us today at (407) 559-7093 to schedule your first session. At ZODU ABA Services, we’re not just changing lives—we’re transforming them.

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